Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week {Events}


Z and I were joking around with each other and he was telling me how I am a horrible promise keeper..blah blah laughing at him made him decide he would tell me that he was going to send my birthday present back, however it came out like this....

Z: Hey remember that purse I got you for your birthday?
(long pause)
E: You got me the purse I wanted for my birthday?!?!
Z throws his head in his hands....

My husband can not keep a secret to save his life!

So ladies I got the purse...and its HUGE!!!

Seriously...I could fit two children in this thing! I am trying to decide if I rock it or take it back..thoughts??

moving on...

Tuesday Morning

Even though Z and I have been talking about it for the last all hit me that he was actually leaving for the week and this was about to be a normal thing.

Then I get this sweet text from his mom -

Cue crying like a baby - ugly face and all....

Seriously I sobbed on Z's shoulder like he was leaving for war and I was never going to see him ever again.

AND I cried all the way to work...pathetic!

I just love my man and want to be with him 24/7 (ok, maybe a little exaggeration on the 24/7)

moving on....

Wednesday Evening

My mommy decided to come stay with me Wednesday night and for us to have a girls night over off of 7th street by my work. She decided that she would go let my fur babies out since they had been in their kennels all day.

She calls me before leaving my house just to confirm our little pup Louie can NOT get out of our gated area..I confirmed that I did not think he could and that they would be fine out there!

After drinks at Bar Louie, dinner at Chuy's and a quick Costco trip we finally make it to my house around 9pm.

As I walk up to my door I notice I have a note taped to my door that reads:

"Louie got out and was running around the driveway so he is in my house. Call my neighbor and she will let you in my house"

Yes I am an awful dog poor little guy got out of our gated area and was running wild!

Luckily I live in a gated community with AMAZING neighbors who know my dogs are mine!

Those two neighbors are going to get a little present dropped by their house today to show how thankful I am that they found Louie!

Moral of the not let me watch your dogs or children because they will run away!

Yay for tomorrow being Friday and it being my birthday weekend!!!




  1. YAY for the purse! I love that he couldn't keep it a secret :)

    I am so sorry he has to be gone :( Eric and I have gone through a couple rounds of this. One time it lasted 2 and a half months of only seeing each other on the weekends. It was hard but it can definitely make you two a stronger couple!

  2. oh no your puppy!! that little story gave me anxiety - thank goodness he is safe!!

    With Z gone you will find ways to keep you entertained I promise. You will also learn to enjoy your "E" time and when he comes home it will just be that much better! You can do it girly - start coming up with projects (my project is to be a better cook).



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