Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Product Review {Mary Kay}

My friend from college, Jenny, sent me a whole goodie bag of Mary Kay! I was so excited to try everything out since it has been a very long time since I have tried Mary Kay.

The first product I tried was the Eyeliner in Violet Ink

I was a little worried at first because I had never worn purple eyeliner but it actually looked really good with my brown eyes. This eyeliner went on very easy and stayed on all day. I will definitely be purchasing this!

The next product I tried was the TimeWise Luminous Wear Liquid Foundation

The shade she sent me was a little lighter than my skin (not her fault, it is hard to judge someones skin tone if they are not right in front of you), however it was amazing coverage and I did not feel like I had a ton of foundation caked on all day. This product is also anti aging....I am all about fighting wrinkles early!

I also tried the Ultimate Mascara

This mascara I did have to apply more than I normally do because it does not seem to go on as thick as I like for my mascara to be. I do not have long beautiful eyelashes so I need a lot of help in that department. One thing that is nice about this is that it does not clump.

The last product and my most favorite product was the TimeWise Miracle Set

I absolutely love love this skin care line! Like I said before I am all for fighting wrinkles early on so that they are not there or not visible when I get older! I really loved the cleanser because it had little beads in it that I felt were really cleaning my face and getting rid of dirt.

The day and night lotion was very light and not greasy.

My overall experience trying out Mary Kay went really well. I will definitely be purchasing the Time Wise Miracle Set and the Violet Ink Eyeliner.

Do you have any favorite Mary Kay items?

****If you buy Mary Kay or want to try it for the first time, Jenny is offering 15% off to my blog followers! Just mention that you heard about it from me and she will give you 15% off your order!***

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