Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Erin} VS. The US Postal Service

Dear US Postal Service,

I am sure you have heard, if not experienced for yourself, but planning a wedding is a bit stressful. Not stressful in that you don't think you are making the right decision stressful. No, it's stressful in like you want everything to be perfect stressful.

 I know it's a lot to ask for EVERYTHING to be perfect on your ONE big day in your life, however it is what I demand and will not take anything less than perfect.

 When we went months and months searching for the most PERFECT invitations to send out to all of our guest, one thing that did not come to mind was stressing whether or not our guest would get the invites after they passed from my trembling hands to yours.

 When my mother and I spent 15 HOURS making our invitations because it was that much cheaper to do them ourselves, we did not expect to get down to the week our rsvp's are all suppose to be back and find out that people had not received invitations.

When I come to buy the most adorable wedding cake stamps, yes remember that I paid money to send out our invitations, I did not find it necessary to drive all over town dropping off batches of invitations because you are too lazy to sort them.

When my friends who were previous brides told me to drop 10 invitations off at a time so that it would insure that they made it to the addressed, I did not think that dropping off 200 invitations to one post office location would be that big of a deal.

I, however, was very wrong about you. You have to be lazy or just incompetent. I had nightmares about people not getting invitations and guess what, my nightmare came true!!

Do you know how embarrassing it is to text someone to find out if they are coming to your wedding or not to only find out they did not receive an invite?

From now on I will make sure that I do your job for you and break up any large amount of mail to make your job a little easier.



aka a VERY VERY angry bride!

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