Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Wine, Wine Glasses and A Gift to Me {From} Me

Last week during our crazy planning week and everything else I had going on, I become a little bit of a booze hound (totally not proud to say that). By that I mean I drank 3 glasses of wine on Monday and 3 glasses of wine on Tuesday....must have been a rough first of the week.

The new wine I tried is absolutely delicious! I will be buying some more very soon, like tomorrow.

The wine is a blend of red called Hot to Trot...and man was it Hot to Trot...I couldn't just have one glass the first night.

My beautiful new wine glasses that one of our friends bought us from our registry. They are pretty big so I am going to say they are the reason I drank so much.

Now for the bit embarrassing part....

When I get ready in the morning I have to have a towel wrap on until I am ready to walk out the door because I can not get ready with clothes on.

I have had my past towel wrap since I was a senior in high school...a whole 6 years

Do you see those awful bleech stains and how raggy it looks???

Well here is the new and way improved!!!

Its even monogramed with my new last name!!!!!!!




  1. I love the towel wrap! Where did you get it?

  2. love love love the towel wrap!! haha you and that blue one!

  3. love the monogram and the wine!!


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