Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding {Planning} Confessional

While planning our wedding (which is less than 3 weeks away) a few things have driven me here is my confessional

I confess.....That if I get asked one more time what earrings, dress, hair style, shoes, makeup my mom is wearing for the wedding so someone else can decide theirs I am going to scream. at. the. top. of. my. lungs.

I confess.....that when we say our ceremony and reception are adult only. That is what it means. Adult only.

I confess.....that when we put on our wedding invitations our ceremony and reception are adult only. That is what it means. Adult only.

I confess....that if one more person treats me like I do not like children because WE (yes, Z and I both chose this) decided to not allow children at OUR wedding, I am going to thump them between their eyes.

I confess...that if someone shows up with their child, children, anything not over the age of 21 to our wedding, I will not just give you the stink eye, but I will give you the worst look you have ever gotten and politely remind you what our invitation said.

I confess....that if we knew what we knew now and we were back in November 2010 when Z proposed, we would have done a destination wedding.

I confess....that if one of my bridesmaids really decides to wear a black feather in their hair and/or decide to be a diva on my wedding day, I may ask them to sit this one out.

I confess....that even though all of these things drove me crazy and I am so excited about marrying the love of my life, I am a little sad that the planning process will be over soon.

Now that I have confessed and I am sure judgement is now being placed by all you mommies....anyone else like to try a confessional?



side note: Z and I plan on having children, yes more than one, one day in the distant future. Us not wanting your adorable bundle of joy at our wedding is not anything against you or your loved ones. But its our day and we want to spend our day with our friends and not someone having to worry what their child is doing. (last time I explain myself on this one)


  1. Hey are your dogs coming to the Wedding? LOL

  2. Holy cow chicka!! Where is the LIKE button a million times over! If they want to be with their kids so bad for a few hours on 1 DAY out of 365 tell them to go to Chuck E Cheese!!

  3. We only took 3 months to plan our weddings and we are down to the last five days! The planning can get insane, even though I tried to keep everything as simple as possible. Everyone says its whatever the bride wants, but when the bride says what she wants, people try to change her mind or question her. Most of the time its a mom. I so want to tell some people, you had your wedding, maybe more than one, n you have a daughter that will probably get married one day so save your ideas for her!
    That is all! Lol thanks for this Erin! I love it!!


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