Friday, July 15, 2011

Product Review {Doggy} Treats

Above is the light of my life as well as the biggest pain in my behind. He is a little on the hefty size,
however he is stocky and definitely never misses a meal. Sometimes he gets dinner twice because Z and I do not communicate. 

Really the only time he gets a treat is when he goes into his kennel. I try to praise him for getting in his kennel so its a positive experience for him. With this Texas heat I bought him this week at Target
some ice cream frosty treats just for dogs!

Needless to say he absolutely loves them and will do about anything you want him to
do....well almost!

Then one of his grandma's (Z's mom) got him this very loud squeaky donut from Bed Bath and Beyond. Ace is not really a big toy dog,  he normally only likes toys that other dogs
are playing with. However he loves loves this donut!

If you know of anything that will keep him from getting on my couch please share! I am willing to try anything, even possibly getting rid of the couch all together!



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  1. aww cute! Do they have reduced fat or weight watchers ice cream treats for Carol?


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