Thursday, July 14, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I tweeted my goals thinking that if they were out there for
everyone to see it would be that much more motivation to complete them.

One of my fellow bloggers/dz sisters/tweeters/college friend started tweeting her goals
and we were each other's accountability partners over twitter. (yes I function
on twitter like I am having real life conversations with the person)

Seeing how well that helped me, Z and I decided to start writing our goals down on Sunday
and posting them to the refrigerator. (disclaimer: please don't judge for the off white 90's fridge.
Our new and improved stainless steel one should be here in a week!)

So far as of today I have been able to cross two things off my list and after Friday will have completed
everything except walk my dog every AM/PM of the week. (another disclaimer: the previous sentence
shows how "not ready" I am for children anytime soon)

Some of Z's goals are pretty sweet. Cook dinner one night this week and take the trash out when needed. One of my BIG pet peeves....not taking out the trash when it is overflowing and/or not
putting a new trash bag in the trash can!

My goals are more about things that I struggle with on a weekly basis. Examples...we pay for
me to workout and tan...I was probably using those oh I say around 2 times a week. Z
expressed his frustrations on why pay for something monthly if I don't use it. So needless
to say I have working out and tanning on my goal list.

So far it has really helped both of us keep each other accountable as well as ourselves. Anyone
else have any goals they are trying to meet daily, weekly, or monthly??

Thanks to Shayna and Amber for keeping me accountable on my goals!!!



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  1. Erin, I love this! Matt & I will be sitting down tonight & writing out our goals!


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