Monday, July 11, 2011

{Weekend} Adventures

This weekend definitely started off with a sparks we will say! One of my very good friends
and bridesmaid surprised me with Rihanna concert tickets! It was such a nice surprise
and I mean who doesn't love Rihanna!!

One thing I can say about what I took away from the Rihanna concert besides
my $35 concert T....Is what Rihanna looks like having sex (well just about)! She
is a whole lot more provocative than what I realized...but hey good for her!

****Rihanna on camera was doing weird things with the lights****

****Her first stage outfit...girlfriend was rocking some really cute outfits!****

****That is her even though it looks like a ball of fire! She came out in the crowd to play the drums!****

****Corrie and I so excited about the concert!****

***Corrie with her concert T***

****Me with my new $35 sleep T****

Opening for Rihanna was JCole...never heard of him but he just signed with JayZ that day.
I am sure he will be HUGE soon!

After seeing him on stage Corrie and I decided he may be our new Rapper/Gangsta crush.

****He looks super small...but we were like 50 yards away!****

While Rihanna is performing disaster strikes! She was singing and fireworks were
going off behind her and as soon as she stops singing she runs off stage and we notice
that above her there is a fire.

Literally people were running out of the AAC. The show was about halfway over
and they had to cancel it...sad but I am glad everyone was ok.

side note: (I have never seen more tight clothes on people that should not have been wearing tight clothes IN MY LIFE! Check the mirrors girlfriends!)

Saturday we sat in the scorching Texas heat to have a garage sale that was a complete flop...however I did get some good photos of course...notice to all garage sale goers, when someone has a real Coach purse out trying
to offer 10 cents for it is not okay. doesn't matter what country you are from! Thanks!

This was in my mom's stack of books...hmm book trash I think so!

My mother also thought it would be funny to put this out for Ace. My poor baby!

After the garage sale Z and I were pretty tired from going to bed late, waking up early, and then sitting in the heat from 7 - 1.
We got home from the garage sale and decided we would take a nap before going
to see a movie and have date night. Both of us laid down at 330pm
and did not wake up until Ace jumped up on the side of the bed at 630am!
Guess we needed the sleep!

We tried out a new church Sunday which we both liked, went and consumed more calories than one is suppose to at
in and out burger (totally worth it) and bought a new shower curtain!!! I am super
excited about the new shower curtain!!

 Hope everyone had a great weekend just like us!



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