Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You Ready For Some {Randonmess}??

I would like to start off by saying that I always hear people talk about "how busy" they are during the summer months and are always on the go. Well, not until this summer did I get the
full understanding of what "busy" during the summer months meant.

Honestly this has been the first summer out of college that I have been a serious, dare I say it, ADULT! (fyi kids..not what it's all cracked up to be! Seriously...stay living with your parents until your like 40 or until they kick you out)

I am sure a lot of it has to do with our upcoming wedding and the fact that we have kicked it in
overdrive on the whole planning process....We are officially under the 4 month mark!!

And now for the RANDOMNESS:

So...Z and I were strolling through Central Market, we normally are like kids on Christmas morning in there, and I stumbled upon this. All my little eyes saw was CHOCOLATE and WINE. I automatically
reached for it to put in our basket. Like who is the GENIUS who invented this? It must be a woman due to the fact it's our two favorite food groups as one...chocolate and wine.

(disclosure - I could only take about two sips out of it due to how rich it is....bummer)

While buying groceries at Target this past week for the 50th time I came across these! I love Starbucks Fraps and at 100 calories it makes it that much better!

My new current obsession..crafts. Crafts and cooking to be exact. Like hey why not take on more crap in my house to do while planning a wedding...all of this sounded glorious in my head!
(these are cute bags I decorated for some special ladies)

My new outfit and hair - I got my outfit at Delia's, anyone remember this place? I used to get there magazines in mail all the time, when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. Yep I shop at teenager hot spots! However this teenager hot spot gave me a $10 gift card for just trying on jeans! I take that as a good deal!

Lastly my new hairstyle....what do you think?



***photographs of me in my new dress taken by my man! he is sooo sweet!***

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