Sunday, June 5, 2011

A {Fresh} Start

Z and I have decided starting tomorrow we are going to crack down on our eating and working out habits!! (me crying here) With almost 5 months until the wedding and honeymoon, we are getting serious about being fit!!

Some of our friends got married this weekend in Austin and the bride looked absolutely amazing and super skinny from all of the weight she has lost. I am hoping to have the same effect on people as they see me walking down the aisle in November. Here is our action plan -

Eat {Fish} Three times a week - 

Workout at least {Three} times a week - more if possible

Make sure that we are eating {healthier} - and not this....

Lastly do everything possible to make sure we look {Amazing} in these and don't regret having a camera on our honeymoon!!

Hopefully everyone will be cheering us on and we stay strong....starting tomorrow! :)



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  1. The broiler will be your best friend when cooking fish. Fresh lemon and sea salt and pepper is all you need. Uncle Bens has some awesome brown rice boil in the bag takes 10 min and voila you've got an awesome healthy meal. If you cook salmon, try crushing pecans for a crust and it brings out all the flavor you need! Good luck girl you can stay strong, and focused!


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