Monday, June 6, 2011

Forever21 - Oh how I {LOVE} you!

For new items to add to my wardrobe that are in style now and possibly not five minutes from now, I love going to forever21.  You can get super cute clothes for super cheap and not feel guilty spending money there because you know you are getting a really good deal!

I went shopping at the forever21 in Austin this past weekend because #1 - it's right by Z's parents house and #2 - it is a huge store that carries mens and now maternity clothes! I will not be needing maternity clothes for a good 5 - 10 years from now, however if you are pregnant and looking for cute maternity clothes check out forever21!

This is the super cute super fun stuff I got shopping on Saturday!

***Love these bracelets! They all look so good together!***

***I am really into big rings right now and blue is making it's way back this summer!***

***I love layered necklaces and this one can be dressed up or down***

***This is just a fun sun dress and will be saved until July 4th as my designated July 4th outfit!***

***Stripes are really in this summer and I wore this out shopping with Z and his parents. Cute and comfortable!***

***I absolutely LOVE rompers and this one is a bit wild but I had to get it because it looks like something the kardashian sisters would wear!***

***I saw this dress featured in Just Dandy's blog and had to have it! Luckily I found it at the store and got to wear it Saturday to our friend's wedding!!***

All of these items combined were more or less $100 and look how much I got! When shopping at forever21 you have to remember hand wash and hang dry to make it last!! 




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