Thursday, June 2, 2011

Drama Drama {Always}


So yesterday started off being such a fabulous day, I was at work early the day went by super fast, then on the way home while chatting with my grandma on the phone I hit a HUGE pot hole in the road.  As I kept driving at a steady 40 - 45 mile an hour pace, I noticed my car was pulling really hard to the right. Me being the girl that I am and knowing nothing about cars thought I just knocked my car out of line. As to my surprise I had indeed popped my front right tire. 

Luckily I was meeting the pest control guy at our home and he was very very nice and changed my tire! Before changing it this was our conversation:

Pest guy: "I can change that for you if you want me to. It looks pretty low and you probably don't need to be driving on it."

Me: "Oh I am sure it will be fine to drive  mile or so on it. I am not too sure I have a spare tire."

Pest guy: "I am pretty sure you do, most cars come standard with them."

Me: "Oh okay well if you say so."

In the end I had to roll a mile or so to the Lexus dealership looking like this....

BUT the Lexus delearship made it better with this....

So I am a happy girl once more and will be even happier when I get my car back tomorrow!!!

In other news....I just finished reading James Patterson's, Sundays at Tiffany's. My future MIL had the book and let me borrow it. Since it had Tiffany's in it I had to read the book! 

It is such a good easy read and has such a good ending! Summer read for sure!! If you read it let me know what you think!!

Next on the list to read is Emily Giffin's, Something Borrowed. I wanted to read this book before seeing the movie but I was like a child on Christmas morning when the movie came out! Hopefully there are still some surprises left in there for me!

Hope you are all have a Marvelous Thursday and it's only one more day until the WEEKEND!!!! 



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