Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - {Bridesmaid} Gifts

Since we are coming up on our 5 month mark until our wedding, I have been struggling with what to get my bridesmaids. What do you get your best friends since you were a child? What is something you can get them that will show you have put so much effort and thought into their gift?

Here are a few things I have stumbled upon lately online that would be something nice to get your bridesmaids....

****Personalized note cards are always nice to have on hand and always nice when sending thank you cards!****
****Earrings and/or Jewelry to match their dresses and to wear again****

****Cute tote bags to carry whatever their heart desires in****

Have you given or received a really good bridesmaid gift that would be remembered?? Have you given or received a horrible bridesmaid gift? I am hoping I will find something that each of my bridesmaid's will love and know it came with a lot of appreciation and love for each of them!



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  1. A wedding I went to last summer, she gave her 3 bridesmaids Coach bags. But here in Charleston they give you 20% coupon everytime you walk in and they almost always have $99 wall, the purses are usualy very cute! OH! And the pures matched her wedding colors!


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