Thursday, April 14, 2011

~The Proposal~

Since this past Tuesday marked only 7 more months until our wedding day (Holy Moly), I decided to share with all of you "the proposal".  First I would like to say I have the most amazing, loving, kind hearted future husband any girl could ask for! I am so excited that in less than a few days short of 7 months I will be walking towards the man I will start the rest of my life with! Our proposal played out a little like this:

A couple of months before Zachary popped the "BIG" question, he told me he had to go into work on a Saturday. Little did I know he was meeting with the jeweler to pick out the most beautiful ring just for me!! After leaving the jeweler he really needed to know my ring size and since he was going to speak with my parents anyways he called my mom (Lori Mayo). I think between Zachary calling and leaving her a message and her finally calling him back, they both were a nervous wreck!

My mom and Zachary met at Love Shack one night to have dinner and for him to ask my parents permission to marry me. Of course my parents love Zachary and were more than pleased that we would be getting engaged soon. However what Zachary did not know was that my mom's entire side of the family would be going to Rockport for Thanksgiving, so what not a better time than then to propose!

The day after Thanksgiving my family and I had planned on going to the beach in Rockport to take our family Christmas card pictures. I was very adamant that my beautiful puppy Ace had to be in the picture as well so we would need to go to Port Aransas to take pictures. (Dogs are not allowed on Rockport beach and my dog was going to be in my picture!) So we all loaded up and drove to Port Aransas to take our pictures. The whole day Zachary's phone was going off like crazy, I swear he was getting text messages every five minutes or so. His mom and dad we're even texting me asking me to please go walk on the beach for them. The whole time I was thinking, "Why wouldn't I walk on the beach? We are in a beach town??".

My mom and aunts made Zachary and I be the last one's to take our pictures. I was not happy about this because the wind was blowing my hair so bad! Finally it was our turn to take pictures me, Zachary and Ace. My aunt takes our picture a couple of times and then tells Zachary and I to walk hand in hand towards the water.

****This is where Zachary is telling me how much he loves me, wants to spend the rest of his life with me and all I keep asking him is what is wrong because I am still not understanding what is going on****

           *****Obviously kissing me (sorry never said I would not be corny)******

        *****And this is where he said "Will you marry me?!"*****

7 months honestly seems like an eternity to wait to marry my best friend, but we are having such a good time planning out this whole adventure.

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