Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Hannie Pannie

Today is my sweet little sister's birthday!! She turns a whole 19 years old!! Instead of sending her a card (which I will still have one for you with your birthday present) I decided I would write about all the things I love about her and why I love that she is my sister!!

When I was 10 my parents sat me down to let me know our two families would be joining. I was estastic to have a sister, much less a sibling! Growing up an only child does get lonely when you only have one sided conversations with your barbies. And for everyone that knows me I am the poster child for what happens when you decide to only have one child. I think my mother phrased it best when she said, and I quote "I created a monster!". Now I am sure she was only half serious!

I think secretly I was more excited about having a real life version of a barbie doll when my parents told me I would be getting a little sister! My sweet little 5 year old sister at the time would let me put makeup on her, fix her hair in awful awful hair styles (including and not limited to the "taco bangs"), take glamour shot photos, and the list goes on. She was the best little barbie doll a girl could ask for!

Hannie and I have a bond that I would like to think no other sisters have. Even though we are not "blood siblings" our household does not use the word step. I think of Hannah as my sister and as if we were both born to the same mom and dad. We truely were born sisters but with different parents.  I love that we can not talk for weeks on end and pick back up where we left off the last time we saw each other. Our conversations are mostly in terrible try-to-be british accents that our grandmother completely hates and has yelled at us to stop because she had finally had enough!

In August of this past year Hannah became a Delta Zeta at Texas A&M. I am a Delta Zeta as well, when Hannah text me the night she received her bid and said that she was now a Delta Zeta I think I felt more like a proud mom! I love that we have one more thing to share that brings us closer together, we are not only sisters but now sisters in Delta Zeta.  The picture above is at the Texas A&M  Delta Zeta house the day after Hannah received her bid. My pledge/initiation year was 2005 and her's was 2010.

Hannah will be my maid of honor in my November wedding and I couldn't think of any other woman I would want standing next to me on the most special day of my life. To end this post on a funny note I would like to recall one of our conversations regarding my wedding and her being my maid of honor.

H: So do you think you and Zach will be getting married?

E: Most definitely

H: Oh!! Do I get to be your maid of honor?

E: Yes, are you going to do everything the maid of honor is suppose to do?

H: I will do anything you tell me to do! lol

I love you Hannie Pannie with all my heart and wish you the greatest 19th birthday ever!!!


  1. Just 19?! Still waiting...
    I will be keeping up with this blog. Are you going to be a once a week blogger, once a month, every other...?

  2. I think like every other day lol um I guess just when something comes up I want to blog about!


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