Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So The Truth Comes Out.....

Since I am a self proclaimed "Paula Deen Jr.", I try to make sure I am domesticated in every aspect of my "cooking" life. My fiance will tell you I can cook a mean chicken fried steak and if he had it his way we would eat it everyday for the rest of our lives.  I am working on building up my culinary repertoire, so I try cooking something new at least four nights out of the week. 

Luckily my future mother-in-law ordered me a subscribtion of Cooking Light Magazine. I get all types of yummy recipes from that magazine, my Pampered Chef cook books, and from random websites I stumble upon during the day.  I have a huge stack of recipes I have printed and pulled out of magazines from the past six months or so. Usualy everything I cook Zachary and I both love it so I will keep the recipe.  There have been a few instances that we will get all the way through dinner, somtimes a week or two later, and Zachary will tell me that he didn't like it.  Our conversations normally play out like this:

Z: What are we having for dinner tonight?

E: I was thinking about making that pizza that I made a couple of weeks ago.

Z: Yeah I didn't really like that...

E: What?? I am pretty sure you told me you liked it AND you took it for lunch the next day?!?!?!

Z: Well I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

As you can see this is a definite conversation that can damage a self proclaimed "Paula Deen Jr's" ego.  Not to worry I have enough self esteem for me and the next cook that forgets to turn on the timer. (Yes I have done that just a couple of times). Since I have mastered being a "steak and potato" cook, as my future mother-in-law describes it, I have decided to take on the world of baking!!! I got two great and "easy" recipes from a fellow blogger, Bakerella, and I can not wait to make them for my office Easter potluck and for my family on Easter Sunday.

These are the two items I will be baking. One is a pie pop (which I am going to use a bunny cookie cutter) and an Easter Bunny Basket cupcake. I am more nervous about the cupcake than the pie pops.

Pie Pops                 Mini Easter Basket Cupcakes

This is what I have so far from my shopping trip today to get the supplies. Not off to a great start since I realized I forgot the cake mix(yes I am using a box cake). Wish me luck and I hope everyone has a great Easter!!!


  1. Very cute Erin! Did you get the Easter basket cupcakes from Tori Spelling? I saw her tweeting about them! Josh would so be jealous that you are cooking every night for your man. He likes to give me a super hard time about not cooking.

  2. I did see that she tweeted those!! I saw the cupcakes on Bakerella's blog first and I loved how she used all candy in hers! Tell him to not give you too hard of a time! You do have a little one that takes up all of your time!!


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