Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What We Have Been Up To {Wednesday}

aka the longest blog post line in the world!!
First off thank you everyone for welcoming me back!
It definitely feels good to be blogging again!
Since I decided to take an extended leave from this place, we have been up to A LOT!
If you follow me on instagram (@allaboute) you have seen a little bit of it!
First off after NYC we closed on our house on 6/15!
It literally was one of our happiest days!
We went to Orange Beach!
We celebrated my sweet friend Hiedi get married!
And we celebrated my childhood bff Chelle get engaged!
We had our two house warming parties and were so excited to have everyone over!
(this is my step-dad, our favorite BBQ chef)
And now we are counting down the days until we leave for Chicago and celebrate 2 years of marriage! (9 to be exact!)
Anyone been to Chicago or live in Chicago?? What is your must do's??
Who is excited about handing out candy for the first time tomorrow??? This girl is!
I really want our house to be super scary where kids cry when their parents make them come knock on our door but I ended up liking/buying all of the cutesy Halloween decor instead of the scary!
Looks like I will have to save all the scary stuff to use on our own kids one day!

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  1. Sounds like you've been having TONS of fun- so you're excused for leaving us all hanging ;) Have SO much in Chicago. It's ridiculous I've never been, we're only a 5 hour drive from there!


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