Monday, October 28, 2013

{Hello} Again

Since I have not made a visit to this place in a good 5 months, I decided it would be best
to re-introduce myself to the blogging society...
That's me. In the black. With the bottle straight up.
Not to be confused with the lady in the back with her hand up looking like she is getting after it.
But for a better picture that will make my momma proud....
(not sure if the lady is looking at my shoes or booty)
That's more like it!
 I am a lover of all things, all while having champagne taste on a Natty Light budget....
I am a small town Texas born girl who is lucky enough to call this my husband

Z is my sexy dime piece and a saint for putting up with me on a daily basis. We have almost been married for 2 years and together for 5 years. We absolutely love being married, however we have our daily struggles of me being ridiculous and him having to put me in my place and me not liking it.
I am a mother of two fur babies, the cutest you ever met in your life.
One minute we love each other the next we don't. Ace is my bulldog that I got my Junior year in college. I am honestly surprised him and I both made it out alive our first two years together. He was super wild and uncontrollable. Louie is Z's dog. (insert laughs here, we get it all the time) He bites me constantly and only wants to have something to do with me when Ace wont play with him. However, he LOOOVES Z and I let Z know on a daily basis that if he thinks no one else in the house loves him, remember Louie does.
I am a lover of family, friends and food (seriously, I gained 20+ pounds my freshman year in college off of double bacon cheese burgers from Jack in the Box). I am beyond amazed daily on how much Z and I our blessed, but I recently learned to be VERRRY specific what you pray for. I now know not to ask to not be materialistic or worried about future plans.
We recently just moved into our first house and I am loving every bit of decorating and entertaining!
I hope you will all stay around a little longer to read more about our day-to-day lives, as we try to figure out this whole marriage thing, get ready for the possible parent thing (not in the near future), travel, cook and just enjoy this time of our lives!
P.S. I am sooo horrible at this whole "about me" "introduction" thing...the whole time I was writing this I kept hearing Meredith Brook singing "I'm a bitch, I'm lover, I'm a child....". That's probably not a good sign. 



  1. Love this! & Now I have that song stuck in ma head!! Welcome back chicka!!!

  2. Welcome back!!! Your new house is beautiful!!

  3. hahaha! the girl in the black dress in hilarious! congratulations on the house, its lovely!

  4. I have missed youuuu!!! Welcome back! I'm having major house envy right now!!


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