Monday, December 3, 2012

{Our} Weekend

Happy Monday - I am having a case of the Mondays today.
I really just want one more day of relaxing with Z and our fur babies!
This weekend I was determined that we were not doing anything but staying at home and catching up on our DVR shows...
Well this is how that turned out....
Friday I finished my craft I needed to go above my cabinets.
I for the life of me, could not figure out how to load staples in a staple gun.
Thank goodness for YouTube!
I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier!
My mom is the one who came up with this, so I do not have a Pinterest link or anything!
But this craft consist of an old window, staple material on the back, then tie a burlap ribbon on to your letter of choice and then staple the burlap to the window!

I really like what it added to the normal nick-knacks I had above our cabinets.

The rest of our Friday night consisted of pizza, DVR and me falling asleep by 930!
Best. Friday. Ever.
Saturday I surprised Z with a date day to Grapevine for Mexican food and a glass blowing class!
A couple of months ago he said how cool it would be to do a class,
so I did a little research and surprised him!!!

He had so much fun and I can not wait to get our ornament in the mail!
Sunday, after getting to sleep in late, we cleaned the house and I started baking for my Christmas Happy Hour!!
I am not sure what these are called but you just heat Hersey Kisses onto a pretzel using the trusty ol' microwave, then press M&M's into the Hersey Kiss.

I also made chocolate chip M&M cookies....Z helped me take some out of the oven and might have scraped the entire top worries those he got to "test" to make sure they were good enough for the guest!

I am pretty much all set to go for my Christmas Happy Hour, which makes me very happy and not stressed!!
How was your weekend?
Did you do any crafts or Christmas baking??


  1. Such a cute DIY idea!!! Love that!

    xo, Emily

  2. My Grandma makes those hershey kiss pretzel things. I don't know what they are called either..funny.
    Love the craft you made! And that class looks SO fun!! What a neat idea ! =)

  3. I meant to tell you the other night but, I LOVE your craft that you made!!! It looks so cute & seems pretty simple!


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