Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday {Favs} and A Hangover....

Happy Happy Happy Friday....Jack!
(I watch way to much Duck Dynasty)
Due to WAY TOO much fun seeing the Rockettes last night, ended in me not feeling to swell this morning....
It probably had to do with drinking wine out of a pimp cup....
Photo: Pimp cup full of wine... Don't mind if we do!! @allaboute
Straws and all...we know how to party!
And I did not get any pictures of the show because they were not allowed...of course we tried to take pictures and we were spotlighted...not fun.
Moving on to my Friday Favs link up...
First up the Rockettes!

my new favorite primer...that is cheap

My new favorite Lipstick - in Merlot

 My new favorite sweet tea

What are some of your favorites this week???




  1. McAlister's also has the BEST lemonade-- yum!!

    Did you seriously get spotlighted for trying to take a picture?! That's hilarious!!

  2. Absolutely LOVE any sweet tea! I need to try that lipstick!


  3. Aren't you loving that McAlister's is in FW now!? The one at TCU is in walking distance from us!!! Love it!!!

  4. love that sparkly top! so cute!

  5. lmao! Love Duck Dynasty!! =)
    Don't you just love the glasses they give you at the show!
    Glad you enjoyed it!! =)


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