Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am sure everyone has a very full belly from all of the Halloween candy last night....thankfully we have 2 families that live in our community and they must go else where to trick-or-treat because we do not get any trick-or-treaters!
I am thankful to not have any of that candy laying around and random children knocking on my door all night BUT I do miss seeing the little kids in their super cute costumes!
I am so excited that today is November 1st because I absolutely LOVE November...
and not just because November is when I married this hottie...

November kicks off the Holiday Season and also the madness that I have a Love/Hate relationship with.
The past couple of months I have been really trying to work on the balance of working, having a clean-organized-less run by dogs-adults actually live here home, hobbies, social media (yes it has officially become a problem), puppies, and being a wife.
I am sure (or at least I hope) I am not the only person out there that if laundry sits unfolded or folded in our downstairs bedroom, I freak because I feel like our house is a disaster and I officially go postal on my husband because I get no help!
Which in actuality I get a lot of help from Z, I get more help than most and most of the time I don't even have to ask twice!
I started buying Christmas presents the last weekend in September so that I could actually put thought and enjoy what I was buying for the recipients. I will thoroughly enjoy missing the Christmas crowd at the Malls.
This "Holiday" Season, I am praying and really working towards finding our balance. I want to be in the moment with Z and not just in the same room both on Facebook listening to the TV in the back ground. Erin from Love, Fun and Football wrote this AMAZING post the other day which I have saved to turn back to when I am feeling overwhelmed and like I can't get everything done I need too.
How do you handle balance during the Holidays or just in your life? Do you find it difficult to ever feel like you have completed every task you needed to for that day/week/month?

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  1. Yep yep yep! I figure this year, it will all happen! I'm not going to stress too much about it all, just going to try & enjoy it - make memories! Last year I was a complete basket case during the holidays & I don't want to feel that way this year. I know there will be a lot going on but, I've decided I'll just deal with it & make the best out of it because soon, this time will pass. Plus, who knows how many more years we all have without little babies in our arms! :)


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