Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First {Cake} Decorating Class!

I had my first cake decorating class at Michael's last night!
The old man who teaches it is absolutely precious!
This is when we finally started learning how to make stars!
So proud to show Z my finished product!
Don't hate on the massive cookies, I tried making Z's mom's sugar cookie recipe...we both agree that she left some ingredients and/or steps out of making these...
Story of the day from class:
Our class is from 630pm - 830pm every Wednesday for the month of October, mind you we paid for this class as well as the supplies that have to be brought to class. One old grumpy lady come strolling in 20 minutes late, kept trying to correct our instructor that he was not teaching us correctly, took 2 phone calls and yelled at everyone because she did not know she was suppose to bring anything to the class.....
oh gurl...................
Even though she is an old woman I can honestly see that she will end of getting some nasty comment from myself by the end of the 4 week classes. Like its a beginners cake decorating class - if you think you can do it better than Ric (that's the instructors name) DON'T TAKE THE CLASS!!! And honestly, you thought you didn't need to bring anything?
So next week me, myself and I (that's who I am taking the class with) is going to sit very far away from the biotch!
Have you taken a cake decorating class before? I am so excited! I cannot wait until next week when we actually get to decorate a cake! Z is very excited about all of the sweets that will be in our house!
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  1. mmm it's delicious!!
    following u and follow me back?

  2. looks like fun! I took a cake decorating class in elementary school when I was in
    4H (I think its just a northeast thang..but its pretty much just a community youth organization) anywho, I took a cake decorating class with them and it was a blast! I've probably forgotten half of the things they taught me though :oP

    xo michelle

  3. How FUN! (minus the biotch) I'd love to take a class like this!

  4. Love it! My mom and I did all the courses at Hob Lob a few years back... We had some cray cray grumpy old woman too! Maybe it's part of a cake decorating class package! Hope you love it!


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