Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I've Been {Crafty}

I know we all "pin" these crafty little things on Pinterest and think "yes one day I will absolutely make that!"

Well I pinned like 50,000 crafts and finally decided I would try a couple out!

The first "pin" I tried was wedding photos on wooden frames

I feel like I could do this...so I shall give it a try!

I however changed it up a bit - I could not hang it straight across and I decided to use 8X10 canvas instead of wood.

(please excuse this sideways picture...you will need 3 8X10 canvas, modge padge, paint sponge and 3 8X10 photos)

(using paint sponge spread modge podge on back of picture and then place on canvas. Let dry)

(Once your pictures have dried, you and your furry little helper place the pictures the same width apart and lay tulling across the back of the canvas)

(gather tulling and nail in to canvas using a hot pink hammer)

(And Ta-Da!! Finally 8 months later we have wedding photos displayed!)

***The hardest part of this project was hanging it. I definitely had to play around with it and probably when we move I will try to flatten out the tulling a little more so that it is more flush against the wall**

The next crafty project was my favorite!! I think these would make great gifts for any occasion but I may be giving these for Christmas presents!

photo coasters: 4x4 tiles and 4x4 pics, glue photo onto tile with glue stick, cover with resin, mount 4 felt circles onto bottom corners

I used modge podge and definitely did not let mine dry long enough prior to stacking them - so next time I will be a little more patient!

(You will need modge podge, paint sponges, scissors, 6 tiles and 6 4X6 pictures)

(After pictures have been cut down to fit on top of tiles leaving a small boarder around the picture, spread modge podge on the back of the picture and let dry)

(Once the pictures have dried to the tile spread the modge podge on top of the pictures to add a seal. Made sure to spread thin and in the same direction. The modge podge will leave a light white coat on the picture but once it dries it goes away)

(Once everything is dry place 4 felt circles on the bottom of the tile and then enjoy an adult beverage!)

I had so much fun making these two crafts especially since they both involved our wedding pictures!

What crafts have you made from Pinterest? How did they turn out?



PS. Both of these craft projects combined did not cost more than $30!! Thank goodness for hobby lobby sales and cheap photo prints!


  1. I was thinking about modge podgeing a collage of our friendship....some of the pictures where a bit questionable to be displayed in my living room though.

    Those look so cute!

  2. Erin you did such an awesome job on these projects!!! I am definitely in the crafting mood, just haven't had time lately! Good job though on your projects!!!

  3. I'm going to be trying both of these projects soon! I'm really wanting to try that picture on the canvas!

    Both of these would make great gifts, I better get started now!!!

  4. Wow both of those projects are super cute. I will have to keep them in mind.


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