Monday, August 6, 2012


HHHEEELLLLLOOOO Ladies!! We are back from vacation and I am as relaxed and rejuvenated as ever! That means I am going to be as productive as ever until we leave Friday after work for our mini vacay (crossing my fingers behind my back as I write this just in case I am lazy all week)

I know what your thinking "mini vacay"?? Thought you just got back from vacation??! Well this never happens that we have so much stuff going on but I like it! I am looking forward to Lake LBJ in Austin and spending time with our friends!

So moving I said our vacation was so relaxing and fun! I am so grateful I have amazing parents who still spoil us even though we are "grown up adults who have jobs"!

It is so hard not to document every little thing on instagram - so if you follow me some of these pictures may seem a little familiar!

These are pictures from our first day...

(Pretty beach with the cutest umbrella sets)

(My OOTD consisted of a rowdy gentlemen tank and American Flag bikini from Old Navy - had to represent Team USA!!)

(These are the best chairs ever - thank you Jimmy Buffet for always being cool)

(Cornhole was played everyday - and Z is very upset because Hannah and Eric are the reining champs!)

These are day two photos...

(This is Hannah and I! Everyone takes their picture in front of this scary shark!)

(Eric and Z playing football)

Pictures from day three...

(had to get a few cheesy pics in!)

(Z, me, Hannah and Eric)

(Mom and Hannah got matching outfits!)

(Z pretending to be a wine connoisseur)

(Live band at night)

(Z and I pretending we can dance - seriously we need lessons and I need to learn to let him lead)

(Eric and Hannah)

(We both had A LOT of sun)

This is our last day and some sneak peaks of our beach photo sesh

(I would like this picture a little better if the lady with her golf cart with horns was not in the back ground!)

(Eric and Hannah - too cute!)

(finally made it to the beach the last day AND I finally got to wear my Marley Lilly hat that I bought for our honeymoon that I forgot at home)

(And our last dinner of the vacation at Fins)


Z and I had such a good time but it was so good to come home to our little fur babies who missed us so much! (or at least pretended too!)

Thank you so much to Hilary, Erin and Erin for guest blogging this week! They did such an awesome job and I am so appreciative!

Hope you all had an amazing week it is back to reality for us...




  1. You guys look like you had so much fun!! I LOVE the cheesy pics girl, can't ever have too many of those on a vacation ;) This made me want to start planning our next vacay, even though it won't be until next spring probably! LOL

  2. I love the vacation pics! I also love the striped dress and hat! Cant wait to see he photos :)

  3. I never got to wear my floppy hat at the beach b/c it was too windy! Looks like y'all had a great time & I will definitely be looking into that tank top! So fun!!


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