Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random {Factoids}

Last Saturday when I was enjoying our pool all to myself I read the March issue of Cosmopolitan. Before you go judging me, it was part of a gift from Alyssa for my Birthday.

Since it's now June and I am just reading the March issue, you can see where it was on my priorities. Every month they feature a super famous celeb, March was Salena Gomez.

I kinda like Salena...I mean who doesn't love "love you like a love song" and I may or may not be a little jeals she gets to "hang" with the Biebs.

Any who, they always slip into their spread random little factoids you may not have known regarding the celeb....insert blog inspiration/summer is here/I have writers block

Things You Didn't Know About "E"

***Once, when I was elementary age I got my head slammed into a trunk of a car. This is a legit story, my mom told me to move because she was going to shut the trunk and I guess I didn't believe her. I moved back and then popped my head back in the trunk to see if any of my Christmas presents were in there just as she was shutting the trunk. Needless to say, she said a bad word and I ended up with a busted lip.

***Once when I was in the 2nd grade I stepped on a toothpick that had rolled off of my grandparents counter. It was from my after school snack....a bacon cheeseburger...yes I ate bacon cheeseburgers for snacks.

***In the 6th grade on my first day of vacation in Cancun with my family, I slipped and fell in an outside shower and busted my knee open. Not only could I not swim the whole summer, I got stitches from a "nurse" that barely spoke English.

***Also when I was little, on a Sunday morning getting ready for church my mom was curling my hair when the phone rang. She ran real quick to answer the phone and in that short time I thought it would be a good idea to curl my top lip. If it can curl your hair it can surely curl your lip right?!?! Not quit...I got the nickname hot lips for that move.

(anyone catching on a theme here that I was a very accident prone child?? Luckily I grew out of it)

***My Freshman year in college I gained 20+ pounds from Jack in the Box Double Bacon Cheeseburgers (yes they returned) and Mimosas. Then I got weight watchers.....

***I really want to be an Orange County Housewife...I used to want to be Alexis but now I want to be Heather...she is classier and has a WAAAYYY nicer house/life.

***I have always dreamed of owning my very own cute boutique...clothes, house ware and of course jewels! Alyssa and I are shooting for the age of 30!

***And lastly...I used to want 4 children. Have 2 of my own and adopt 2. Now that we have a yappy dog named Louie running havoc in our home...I am not sure I could handle one child.

Hope you enjoyed/got a kick out of just some random facts about me.....




  1. Omg, I was literally cringing at all your accidents of childhood.... especially the curling iron one OUCH! I once picked up a hot curling iron on accident, and I cant imagine how much worse that must feel on your lip!!!!!

    I love that you want to adopt. It's definitely something on my heart to do one day!!

  2. Hahaha... Hot Lips! Funny, my dad's nickname [to my mom and their high school friends' is 'Lip' - wonder how he earned that one...

  3. I agree with the dog and children thing. Some dogs make up the not having children space. I was also a VERY accident prone child :) I am not so sure that I have grown out of it yet though...

  4. Oh my gosh Erin M! I can't wait to call you "Hot Lips" all day on Sunday!!! LOL! Thank goodness you grew out of your accident phase!

  5. Dang, all of your accidents TRUMP my getting hit in the head with a baseball bat.

    by my older brother no less.

    And I am SOOOO over Alexis. She is really annoying and actually kinda stupid. Tamra ain't lying folks! LOVEEEE Heather.


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