Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot {Pink} Was The Color

Catchy title huh??!?!

I wore hot pink all day Saturday and Sunday so I felt it was very fitting!

Friday Z and I actually did something on Friday night!!!

We had dinner and frozen yogurt with some of Z's friends! It was so good to catch up with them!

Saturday after running errands and laying out (finally I got to lay out by our pool)

We went to see this guy.....

This is actually Jason Boland, not a man on fire. The lights with my iphone did not work out too well.

Notice I figured out how to do multiple pictures finally...thanks to Hannie! From Left to Right: Me and Z, Me and Hannie, and my mom, Hannah and I.

Z and I left too early to get our pics with Jason Boland but Hannah did! He is not that cute but he can sing for sure!

Sunday, after an amazing church service about godly men and fathers, we headed to The Woodshed in Fort Worth with my family!

(again notice the picture skills!)

Hannie, Kelly and I after eating for Father's Day!

Hope you all had a great weekend! It's officially not Monday anymore!!!




  1. All your pink outfits are so cute! I especially love your one-shoulder shirt... I've been wanting one in a similar style but just haven't found the right one yet ;) Glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. Where did you get the pink dress? Super cute! & good job on figuring out the picture thing! HAHA!


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