Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOLA {Day Two} and {Day Three}

I know after day one I said I would post this one a day later - well two days later here we go!

So since day one was very eventful, I was ready to explore NOLA on Saturday and eat some good food! Eating good food was pretty much my entire mission the whole time I was there!

We had breakfast lunch at Acme Oyster House! Y'all this is a must if you go to NOLA!

Thanks to instagram this picture does not do these chargrilled oysters justice! These yummy things had melted garlic butter and cheese on them! Seriously my mouth is watering writing this!

Z and I decided to split a Po-Boy, this was a first for me, however this one had fried oysters on it and I learned real quick I am not a fan of those!

So my most favorite dessert ever??? BREAD PUDDING and this bread pudding from Acme is probably tied at first with the other best one I have ever had!

Since eating all of that was not enough I talked Z into get me a beignets!

Best place ever!

We also stopped in at the Riverside Restaurant to get a bloody Mary! This was my first one and I dont know if I can ever have another anywhere esle!

I snapped a picture of what a Big A$$ Beer looks like - when you see someone walking down the street holding one of these all you can do is laugh because they are that big!

Z and I outside of Margaritaville! We love everything Jimmy Buffet!

This is in the french market! You can just sit up at this bar and they will serve you fresh oysters!

This is the entrance of the French Market! Such a cool place and they have great vendors!

these people freak me out just a bit! I was so afraid they were going to touch me and get silver paint on my clothes! I like to watch them from afar!

This was such a pretty building and while we were taking pictures where were wedding parties all around us getting pictures taken!

This was our group dinner night! We all met at Pat O's and had a great dinner!

This is Z and I dancing at one of the bars on Bourbon (neither one of us can remember the name) We had such a good time breaking it down with all of my co-workers!

One of my co-workers, Keri, had this hat on and I had to get a "We're from Texas" picture with it!

This is a college age guy - seriouslly he went out with these shorts on and boots. He said that these booty shorts were for dropping it later while he was dancing!

Z and I are so old, we ended up going to sleep before midnight Saturday night - remember this is a judge free zone people!


Sunday was not a very eventful day - more of just walking around, checking out the beautiful buildings and eating lunch at Margaritaville!

On the way to lunch this was in the street.....

...yes that is a human dressed like a horse. I was so afraid of him or her! I just knew they were going to chase after me!

After eating lunch I caught one more opportunity to drive Z crazy and document our vacation, life, love, etc for our little babies 50 million years down the road!

After this event packed weekend I can honestly say that I had my fun in NOLA but probably will not be heading back anytime soon.

I am sooo not the stay out until 4 am and drink all night type!



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  1. Mmm that bread pudding looks amazing!! Looks like you guys had so much fun, I'm jealous!


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