Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NOLA {Day One}

Hello Everyone! I have finally recovered enough from this weekend to write about it! I think this morning was the hardest to wake up!

This is a recap of our first night because it was a whole day with in its self!

We got to the airport a bit early so we were able to get the party started!

This is me and some of my co-workers waiting in line at Chili's - we ended up staring down an older man until he said we could sit with him!

Most of the group and right before the TSA told us that we were too much of a rowdy group and that it would be a hefty fine if they had to turn the plane around...like really?!

We were just trying to have a good time!

Our flight was probably the worst flight I have ever had. We had a guy sitting next to us that was about to have a heart attack/ anxiety attack the whole 1 hour 20 minutes plane ride. I really felt bad for the guy but if I was that scared of planes I would just drive everywhere.

Second, our trip was very VERY very bumpy - like I swear our plane dropped a little in the sky and I may or may not have screamed at the top of my lungs!

Also, since we did get the "party" started early, I could not hold going to the little girls room. The male flight attendant had just made an announcement that we needed to stay seated (that I did not hear) when I got up to go to the bathroom. He tried to yell at me about staying in my seat but as he could clearly see I was already up!

He so kindly allowed me to go to the restroom - I sort of started a domino effect, because after I got up like 3 other people did as well! Whoops!

We had this guy waiting for us with our really cool party bus when we arrived in NOLA.

It may have had a stripper pole.....

....and I may have showed some of my co-workers what I learned in my pole dancing class! And I may still be sore from doing so...

When we finally arrived at our hotel a parade was making its way down the street! I later found out that they parade around the bride and groom and everyone waves white hanker chiefs!

I am not a gambler, nor do I even like the fact of losing money when I could take it somewhere and buy something I want! I was a super big winner with my $5 and won 6 cents! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

When Z had gone to NOLA for his friends bachelor party, he came across this super yummy drinks called hand grenades - super yummy but super full of alcohol!

We then moved on to Pat O'Briens Hurricanes! They are so good and you cant taste the alcohol....maybe that's not a good thing

This is pam, whitney and I at Pat O's

Me, my man and his beads! He worked really hard for them!

This is outside of Pat O's and would be even better if my eyes were not closed!

This is a very literal statement - these are the biggest bottle beers I have ever seen in my life!

This is the picture that Pam and I sent Stoney Larue - if you don't know him look him up! I always try to get him to tweet me back! And he did retweet us that night! And where we "think" we had the best slice of pizza ever... at 3 am.

Finally - before the night was over I spotted a turtle! Since I am a DZ I always have to freak when I see a turtle....always.

Some requirements if you plan on going to NOLA soon -

  •  Wearing anything but rain boots or something that completely covers your foot is an absolute NO on Bourbon - I may have stepped in pee water or something! Also I saw a girl bust it so bad in heels and a dress that I am sure her knees looked like hamburger meat as her boyfriend carried her the rest of the way
  • You have to get a Beignet! Yummy yummy in my tummy!
  • You have to have a bloody mary at the Riverside Restaurant right across the street from Cafe De Monde!
  • You have to have the chargrilled oysters at Acme Oyster!
Day 2 coming tomorrow!




  1. I love NOLA and it is about 3 1/2 hours from where I live we usually go down every December. If you are looking to get down try Razoos it is a hoot. Hurricanes I get into trouble with love Pat Ossince we go in Dec we love the fire. Jealous wish I was there have fun and cant wait to hear about your trip.

  2. HAHAHA! Y'all are so funny! & getting rowdy is the best way to get ready for NOLA! Glad y'all had fun!!!


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