Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bahama {Momma}

For multiple reason I cancelled my tanning membership last month. I know I know tanning is horrible for you, shame on me! I had not tanned in almost three years, however when Z proposed I was determined not to be pasty white in all of our pictures and on our wedding day!

I have used Jergens Sunless Tanner in the past, however it smells horrible and I feel like it does not go on evenly.

So I need some recommendations on good sunless tanner that will not leave me sticky and smelling.

Second....I have done the whole Mystic tan and I am like Ross on Friends the first time he does a spray tan!

I am serious y'all, I about suffocate every time I step into one of those things! I think I drink and inhale more than what actually goes on my body!!!

I have gotten airbrush tans before, which I love. But I am always wondering....are they being serious when they say its okay if you are completely naked? Or are they just seeing if you will really do it?

A little TMI I normally lose everything except my undies but I really do not want to have that "tan line".

So like I said I need HELP!!! What sunless tanning is the best?? Do you go completely commando while getting airbrushed??

Thank you in advanced for helping me not be pasty!




  1. I get completely naked. Naked as the day is long. I went to a girl in Stephenville who did the airbrush and I LOVED her (and it). She was super professional. Simply Sunless in Keller at the Salons of Volterra is good. Spa Bliss in Southlake also does them and I have heard good things. I havent tanned in FORever, but I know summer is looming in the near future.

  2. I use Neutrogena Build-a-Tan Gradual sunless tanner lotion & I love it! It doesn't make me orange or anything. Just have to make sure it is all rubbed in or else it will show a little bit. I found it at Target for $8! Also, there's an airbrush place around the corner from my house called Tan 2 Glow. I checked out their website yesterday & it looks really nice!


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