Thursday, March 29, 2012

A {Little} Celeb Bashing

I am a celeb/reality star aholic...if there is such a thing! Z and I watch more reality TV than normal dramas.

Since I am a big fan of the Real Housewives of Everywhere, bigger fan of orange county, I always pay close attention to what the women are wearing!

Now I love me some Tamara Barney, however girlfriend has been rocking the same pair of white True Religion jeans all season. I know she makes good buy another pair in a different color. Or just don't wear them every show.

exhibit A:

Tamra Barney and new boyfriend Eddie Judge

exhibit B:

Like I said I love Tamara and her "no filter" mouth, but girlfriend needs some new jeans!

moving on....

What pops into your head when I say Jessica Simpson??

This picture by chance??

I am all for the cute prego girl and her growing belly, but she is dressing horrible!

Like, have more money than the next mogul woman...get a better design team. You and I both know you can afford it!

Any celebs running around there that you have seen dressing horrible lately?



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  1. I agree with you about Jessica especially!!! WHAT is her stylist thinking?! She looks like a big, bloated blimp!!! All I have to say is, there better be 3 kids stuffed in there, because girlfriend has been pregnant for like a year and keeps growing like a ginormous pumpkin!!


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