Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weekend {Adventures}

This past weekend we relaxed like a true married couple!

We picked sweet little Acer from his very first time at Doggy Day Camp which wore his little booty out! He passed out and slept all night the moment he got home!

                           Zach and I had a date night Friday of Momma's Pizza and our DVR...Jealous??

Saturday Louie and I both got our hair did...different places of course!

I got blonde put in my hair for the first time since my freshman year in High School! I was freaking out at first but it is definitely growing on me! All else fails and I can just die it back brown!

Little Louie needed a hair cut worse than we thought! When we picked him up from Petsmart we did not even recognize the little guy because his eyes were so big! That is how bad his hair had gotten...judge if you want!

Sunday my sweet parents came and spent 5 hours while my step dad put up 5 light fixtures and replaced some trim around our house! A little a little more than they bargained for! But we did take them to Fred's for a yummy burger afterward!

How was your weekend? It was really nice to be able to sleep in and not have anything we "had" to do!



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  1. Louie is so cute! Makes me want another one! But, we travel too much! :(


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