Friday, January 13, 2012

Product Review {Dry Shampoo}

I am all for not washing my hair everyday since my hair gets pretty dry. I have tried a couple of different dry shampoo's, one being Tresemme Dry Shampoo which I liked but getting the shampoo to actually come out of the container was another story.

I have read some tweets and blogs about Ballistic Dry Shampoo, so the other day at Ulta I found it!

I am absolutely in love with this dry shampoo. It does not add grease to your hair and it always comes out of the bottle!!

I am currently using the Ballistic Fresh Dry Shampoo...but I am on the hunt for the volumizing one!!




  1. Okay so I'm a dry shampoo nerd. I didnt care for TreSemme but you should definitely try Big Sexy Hair's dry volumizing shampoo. I really liked it, its kinda costly for a tee-tiny bottle but its good. I also like the old school brand called PSST. It worked for my mom back in the 70's and I use it today!


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