Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{Surprise} Date Night!

Z is very good about remembering the 1 million things I want or want to do that come out of my mouth daily! And sometimes he surprises me by taking me to do or buy what I want! (See why I married him!!)

A couple of weeks ago he took me to the cutest wine bar in downtown Grapevine called Cork It and to see the Ice at Gaylord! Even better, it was a double date with Chase and Alyssa!!

Yummy Wine!! Alyssa and I wanted a pic so we could remember to buy it again!

Getting ready to go in!!!

Already freezing because it was 3 degrees!

Shrek trying to find the meaning of Christmas

Out house picture!

We both had to get one!

We were so proud of our men for coming up with this amazing date night and surprising us!!



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