Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridal Brunch - Wedding {Kick} Off

This past weekend one of my bridesmaids and bff, Alyssa threw me a Bridal Brunch. In case
you don't follow her on twitter or her blog, Alyssa does nothing small. My brunch was
amazing!! She went all out and even used her grandmother's crystal!

Since there were 6 of us girls chatting it up we completely forgot to take a picture
of Alyssa's beautiful presentation...I am super bummed! Maybe we can pretend and set it
up again just for a photo shoot! :)

Alyssa had deviled eggs, 3 central market dips, cracker assortment, cucumber sandwiches, muffins, fruit and of course greeted us all with mimosas!! This girl may or may not have had one too many...but you
only get to do this once right???

After we finished our goodies Alyssa took all of us to a vintage shop in Dallas so we could look
for 80's attire for the first night of my bachelorette party (Which is this coming weekend...EEEKKKK!!!!)

The place had some pretty awesome stuff, however the creep who ran it was on us like white
on rice like we were going to steal something...really D-Bag??

Anywho hear is a look at 3 of the costumes found in the "80's Prom" section...Hannah's outfit came from the "Hoochie Momma" section. No lie they had their sections named!

Literally bending was a must in this outfit....however I feel like Jana rocked it!!

So never mind that my face is blurry in this picture and I look like a Tina Turner wanna be....Hannah's dress was soooo banging...she was very worried she would draw the wrong crowd if she wore it. I would think the trashy leopard and open back would only bring "daddies" that are looking for a classy lady! Poor thing she was a good sport and modeled it on for us!

***side note: by definition, when I say "daddies" or "daddy" I am referring to a silver fox***

Overall the day was so much fun and I had such a blast with my best girlfriends! I couldn't ask for
a better kick off to my wedding festivities!!!



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