Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beauty and The {Beast}

Since I bought my home in January 2010 it has been a work in progress decorating, remodeling and updating the appliances. The appliances that came with my home were the same ones they had
back in 1980 something when it was built.

So the lovely dirty white egg shell color was what I was living with for a VVVEERRRYYY long time. My first appliances to buy were the dishwasher and microwave. The last two to replace were the stove and the refrigerator.

The stove and I have a love hate relationship....I don't love it by any means due to it's dirty white egg shell color, however I never hated it as much as I hated the refrigerator.

My mom is a realtor here in Texas, so in turn if she sells a house and someone is getting rid of something in the house she normally helps them find someone willing to take it. Like a very normal looking fridge that I learned very quickly on why the people wanted to GIVE it away and not sell it!

The stupid refrigerator from day one froze EVERYTHING...except beer for some odd reason. We could only use the first 5 inches of the shelves because one millimeter back and it was frozen for good. I wasted so much money on ruined veggies, fruits, etc.

So a couple of weeks ago after visiting Z's parents and complaining for the 5000 time that our refrigerator sucked....Z's dad decided we would get an early wedding present!!! Our very own stainless steel refrigerator!!

I have never been soooo excited about an appliance in my life! I can remember telling my mother that I would never be one of those women who wanted a blinder, toaster, etc for any birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc....EVER.

Oh how things change when you are desperate to have a fridge instead of a stand up freezer!!

Here is a picture of our new and very stylish refrigerator

I already decorated it with our magnets!! Don't mind our dirty white egg shell oven...that baby will be gone in a couple of weeks as well!!

And here is the beast/devil/span of Satan/whatever else you want to call it

So yes to eat my words I have turned into ones of "those" women who will take appliances as presents...P-A-T-H-T-I-C



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