Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays {Bridesmaids}

Since I started my blog to keep my family and friends up-to-date on our wedding plans I decided to dedicate Wednesdays to our wedding, hence Wedding Wednesdays! I thought today I would introduce my bridesmaids since the movie Bridesmaids is coming out on Friday! (Which I am going to see with one of my bridesmaids, Meagan!)

****{Hannah} My Maid of Honor is my younger sister Hannah. Like I posted in a previous blog, I couldn't think of anyone else I would want standing next to me on my big day! Even though she is my younger sister I look up to her. She is the hardest working student at A&M you have ever met!!****

****{Alyssa} Alyssa and I met through Delta Zeta, and even though we were not friends right away we are truly a match made in heaven! We are both the most high maintenance girls you could ever meet and us as a combo are always so much fun! We have both been planning each other's wedding for a couple of years now! She is also the person that introduced me and Zach****

****{Hiedi} Hiedi and I have been friends since the 7th grade when she moved to Springtown. Hiedi is the sweetest person you have ever met and if you asked her to get you the moon she would! she has been such a big help with my wedding and I don't know what I would do with out her!****

****{Krystal} Krystal and I have been friends since the 3rd grade! Krystal was the first out of our group to get married and she has been such a saving grace with all of my random wedding questions all the time! Sadly she moved to PA so we miss her greatly but she will be back for the wedding!!!****

****{Meagan} Meagan is my little in Delta Zeta and my biggest cheerleader/supporter right along side my mom and Zach! She always seems to know when I am having a down day and sends me the best text ever!! We were seriously born to be sisters, so Delta Zeta made it happen!****

****{Jana} Jana and I have been friends since middle school but really became best friends our senior year in high school. Between the both of us we got into more trouble or out of it shall I say and had the best of times! She is my "Pearl"****

****{Corrie} Aka Rose. Corrie and I became friends my freshman year in college. She was like the big sister I never had! We bonded automatically thanks to Delta Zeta! My mom and I joke that if anything ever happens to her, Corrie is going to be my "Bitchy" friend to make sure no one takes advantage of me!****

When Choosing my bridesmaids I always knew these would be the women standing next to me on the most important day of my life! Every single one of the have been a big part of my life and I need every single one of them on my "big" day!

Next stop - Austin, TX the first weekend of August when we celebrate my last fling before the ring!!!


  1. This made me smile :) Love that! So happy for you and love that we "found" eachother on Twitter sister :)

  2. I know I am glad we "found" each other on twitter too!! I was just telling my friends/bridesmaids Jana and Hiedi that I met a DZ on Twitter!!


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