Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer {Wish} List

With Summer just around the corner and with it already feeling like Summer in Texas, I have been dreaming about what items I need to make my summer wardrobe complete! I already have 5 bathing suits picked out from Victoria Secret and they have seriously got to stop sending me more magazines with new bikini's I have not seen! Makes for a lot of decision making for the bathing suits I will wear while on my honeymoon! Only 6 months away!!!

****I need these, want these, etc****

****I have been dreaming about a maxi skirt****

****I NEED this for my honeymoon****

****I NEED these as well peep toe and closed toe please****

So pretty much none of these things go together but I really want all of them!! (Zachary if your reading just take note!!)


  1. Oh my, I need that cover up! So cute!!

  2. OMW!! I want and need those shoes!! Love! :)


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