Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Dress Mess}

Picking out your wedding dress for your wedding is the most AMAZING experience that will happen to you while planning your wedding. Mine started off just a bit bumpy....

Z proposed to me the day after Thanksgiving while vacationing at the beach. That next Monday I was on the ball getting everything lined up to start planning!! I mean technically when you get engaged you are behind in the wedding planning stage! ha ha

My mom called the bridal boutiques in Fort Worth and all had openings for New Years Eve day except one, so my mom scheduled for us to go to that one a week before the others. That one inparticular was the nastiest and most unprofessional bridal boutique I have ever been in. My mom had scheduled our appointment two weeks out and when we got there they had their interior decorator helping me find dresses.

All of the dresses were so dirty and after putting one on the "interior decorator" would pull out an over sized phone book for me to stand on so I could see the dresses length.....Lori Mayo was not happy!! (little side note my friends and I, when speaking about my mother, call her by her first and last name...Lori Mayo)

The second bridal boutique we went to was such an awesome experience, Lisa the sales lady was extremely nice and helped me find 20 dresses that I wanted to try on.  The first dress I tried on I started crying like a baby along with my mom, Z's mom, my grandmother, and Hannah (sister/maid of honor). I knew it was THE dress and had to have it.

Since we are on this horrible word called a budget, my mom decided that we needed to think about it a little more since THE dress was a tid bit over our dress budget.  A couple of weeks passed and still nothing was decided, so one of my mom's friends told her about this website that you can order factory direct from China. They make everything, supposedly, and she had found the exact replica of THE dress I had fallen in love with. 

Since the dress from China was less than 10% of the cost of the real thing I decided to go a head and order it. My first clue should have been that the manufacturer in China said the dress would be here in the US in two weeks! The dress arrived as promised in two short weeks, in a 6in X 6in bag...2nd clue.

Once looking over the dress very carefully and realizing that it looked like a very cheap version, I noticed a small spot that was covered in blood. Yes someones or somethings blood. I emailed the manufacturer right away and their response was that their China god had blessed my wedding dress and my marriage by bleeding on my dress. (I was as baffled as you are right now reading this)

After a week of going back in forth with this goon, they concluded that it was animal blood that had gotten on the dress (that was very well vacuumed sealed) from the shipping company. Also they let me know that their factory workers would never bleed on anything, "they could not bleed on anything" just to quote the manufacturer.

Needless to say I am not wearing that dress or the dress that it was modeled after. I found a fabulous "statement" dress at a bridal boutique in Burleson, TX that I am more in love with than any other dress I have ever tried on!

If  you are in the process or will be in the process of buying your wedding dress, learn from my experience and never go for economical, just go for fabulous and what makes you feel like everyone at your wedding (and your groom) will have their breath taken away!



***I am keeping the designer and dress name private because this dress is kind of like a slap in the face***

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  1. AWWWW Erin this sucks! I am so glad that you found a dress that you really love though! I can't wait to see it!


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