Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodbye Oprah {HARPO}

It's really sad to me that one day when I am a stay at home wife and mommy I will not get to look forward to Oprah at 4pm. (Sorry Z but you know me being a stay at home wife will happen lol) She has done such amazing things in her life and helped so many people.

I can remember staying with my great grandmother after school and watching Oprah with her.  Even then as a young girl I knew that she did a lot of great things for our world. I just wanted to highlight a couple of my favorite interviews she has done during her long stretch on tv.

Oprah and Sarah Palin

I was so excited when I heard Oprah was going to be interviewing Sarah Palin. Two powerful women at once it had to be good. Even though I felt that Oprah was snubbing Sarah Palin through most of the interview, it was great seeing these two ladies together and I loved watching it!

Who could not love her "Favorite Things" shows. If you could be the lucky person in the audience that day you had literally hit the jackpot. It was so much fun watching these shows in particular because the audience would just go bonkers over every prize they received that day!

And last but not least who could forget her interview with Tom Cruise and his mid life crisis breakdown? I think it was weird and sweet all together since he was so excited about dating Katie Holms!

What were your favorite things from Oprah's shows? Will you miss her consistently being there every Monday - Friday at 4pm? Hopefully she doesn't pull a Jay Leno!!



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