Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Call Me {Cupcake}

First things first....we mailed out our Christmas cards on Friday!!!!

Sorry for the bad iphone is threatening me that I need to buy more storage space for my blog so I had to take this with my phone...I have since figured out how to add without paying! yay!
Friday night we went to Z's so called company Christmas was a bunch of drunks who drank for 3 hours straight and danced to someone's playlist on their laptop...not.even.kidding.
As soon as Z and I walked into the party, one of his co-workers, whom I have never met, yells "hey your the cupcake lady!!"
See I made these amazing Oreo Cupcakes for my Christmas Happy Hour and not one was eaten, so I made Z take all of them to work.
Needless to say everyone loved them, my new name is cupcake and I got asked 50 million times when I would make cupcakes again.
We did get some cute snapshots in front of the pretty Christmas tree!

Z's co-worker Michael, his wife Mintara and Z's Boss Mike.

The Maxfield's

I made two new friends at the party and one of the ladies has the cutest children's boutique that you can purchase from via Facebook called 3 Little Birdies Boutique - seriously if I had children they would be dressed in all of her creations!
However the best story of the night, thanks to my husband, since he decided to party like it was 1999 and drink like we are still in college. He could not understand while stumbling behind me to the cab why I did not think it was a good idea for us to go out with his co-workers after drinking for the past 3 hours....he also "thought" he could make it to the bathroom to throw up and that is why he did all of the household chores on Sunday!
I am the meanest wife in the WORLD!
Saturday I ran 10 million errands and drug Z out of bed to shop for our Angel Tree Child! This is something that is very special to us, we have been participating in Angel Tree since we very first started dating!
It also made both of us have baby fever even more as we were buying for the little two year old!
Sunday consisted of church, Z cleaning, eating some AMAZING blueberry biscuits and finally watching Love Actually for the very first time!

How was everyone's weekend??
It is officially cold in Texas and I am loving every bit of it!


  1. Hahah- tell your hubby if you guys are getting baby fever he better get those drunken nights outta the way NOW ;) Glad you are so famous for your cupcakes now, lol! We went to Jared's work party over the weekend too, and it was surprisingly a good time!

  2. hahaha yall are cute! love the christmas cards!!haha I would be mad at him too though. Although I am sure my husband would have done the same!


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