Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HAPPY ELECTION DAY and My Weekend {Weekend}

You wanna know what I am so excited about happening today????
The dumb political commericals about who didn't pass their 5th grade history test being off of my TV!!!
This whole election has made me feel like this....
However Friday morning I voted and then wore this super cute sticker all day long!!
My Mommy and I went to Canton Trade Days on Friday afternoon and I got some really good stuff! Can't wait to redecorate a few things in our house!!
(Yard Art, new vase for my bedroom, old window and "G" that my mom is going to get crafty with for me, and our new accent table for our guest bedroom)
Saturday after THE BEST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE, I ran 50 million errands and then got ready for a night in Dallas with Alyssa, Chase and Alyssa's Parents!
We had a very yummy dinner from Ocean Prim and had the most amazing cocktail called a Cucumber Gimlet...seriously if you know how to make these delicious things hit a sista up! I need that recipe!
Here are some pics from Saturday Night!
(Yes I still own my Limited Too lime green flower mirror from the matching caboodle I HAD TO HAVE Circa 1997)
Chase, Alyssa, me and Z
Me and my Boo
Alyssa and her Boo
Also a few dinner convos....
Me: Yes, Alyssa saved my life in South Padre because some nasty guy tried to take me in a porta potty with him and then Alyssa karate chopped him in the neck!
Alyssa's Mom: Ken did you hear that Alyssa saved Erin!!!
Me: And then she made me a tuna fish sandwich with her hands because we forgot spoons...
Chase Alyssa's Boyfriend: So she saved you and fed you....kinda like Jesus!!!
Also...you know your in Dallas when......the random guy you ask to take your pictures ask "Do we want the bags in the picture?" why yes kind gentleman we do want our amazing purses in the picture thank you!
In Fort Worth, NO man would EVER ask you a nice question like that!
Sunday consisted of Z and I taking a 3 hour nap...oh wait that was only me who slept for 3 hours...
How was everyone's weekend?? Any funny stories you would like to share??
 Wanna share who your voting for??
Nah me either!!!


  1. I love Canton trade days looks like cool stuff cant wait to see what you did with it.
    YOu look HOT and I am loving that toop must tell where you got it LOVE

  2. I need that "G"!!!

  3. haha I am not sharing who I am voting for. But looks like a fun weekend! I live in Dallas too! Jealous you went to Ocean Prime!


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