Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday {Favs}

I am doing the Friday dance because I am off today and we are off to Fredericksburg to celebrate our one year anniversary!! (insert awe's here)
I am linking up today with the Bargain Blonde for my
This Friday Favs is a little themed and a little random....tag line to my whole life.
My Anniversary present from Z!! He even got the November stone bracelet since it is the month of our anniversary!
The Anniversary goodie bag my parent's brought us/ my Mom made. Included wine, pasta, crackers, cheese, and a very sweet note!
My favorite wine of all time!!
Now this is where it gets random....
My current favorite TV show..I am cringing as I write this
Pinned Image
and it may just have to do with my favorite TV bad boy of the moment....
Pinned Image
yep that is probably the reason....
Well I hope you gals have a wonderful weekend!!! I will have a post full of food and wine come Monday!!


  1. Enjoy your anniversary!!! what a sweet present from your parents! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary and Im in love with your gift jealous!
    Sweet parents

  3. happy anniversary!! david yurman- sooo jealous!


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