Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Small {Fall} Craft and Fall Decor

Something about fall makes me want to craft and bake EVERYDAY!
Saturday after my very unsuccessful garage sale and after my two hour nap I decided to finally decorate the two "crafting pumpkins" I bought at Target.
What you will need for this very easy very fast craft is:
 two crafting pumpkins (I got mine at Target for $4 each)
Modge Podge (a must for any craft project)
Glitter (I chose orange from Hobby Lobby)
and a sponge brush.
Cover a small section of the crafting pumpkin with Modge Podge using the paint sponge
Sprinkle Glitter over modge modge and let dry overnight
And WAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM - a sparkly pumpkin to decorate your house!
(once the pumpkin is dry, you may want to shake it a little to get any loose glitter off)
I loved this craft project because it was super easy and literally took 10 minutes to complete. I can't get too overboard on the crafts, as we do not have a whole lot of space for me to fill my house!
Moving on to Fall decorating....
I am more of a Fall decorator rather than decorating for Halloween. I am sure once Z and I have children that will change but until then Fall it is!
This is a picture of our China Cabinet - I bought the harvest blocks at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago.
This is the only Halloween decoration I currently have, because Z liked it. I got this printable from here. There are a TON of cute printables on Pinterest.
This cute printable I got from this fabulous blog - the candy corn in the glass pumpkin is suppose to be more for looks, however Z and I can not stop eating them!
And I love these wood pumpkins I got from Target last year! I can put them out in September and carry them over to November!
Have you tried any new Fall crafts from Pinterest? What decorations have you done in your home to get ready for Fall?
PS. sorry for the IPhone pics, I am trying to get better about not relying on that it for everything!


  1. I got the same wood pumpkins last year!! I need to check out the printables - too cute! Great job on your pumpkin!

  2. So cute, E!!! I love the glitter pumpkins!

    Ohh and yes I got your fall swap package, did you receive mine? Thanks so much for the lovely gifts :)

  3. Im all about the bling and that pumpkin bling is a must I need to do thanks for sharing all your crafts you did an amazing job girl looks great

  4. Love the glittery pumpkins - so cute! Not sure if you did but, might try a clear enamel spray on them to keep the glitter on for longer! :)

  5. SO FUN!!!

    xo, Emily

  6. Love these pumpkins, I've been wanting to make some glitter ones - thanks for the idea!

  7. Cute fall pumpkins! Love the glitter!

    I have been getting in to fall decorating too, it's so fun!



  8. Those pumpkins are so cute! Of course that may just be because I'm prejudiced toward anything glittery.


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