Monday, October 1, 2012

October Is My {Favorite} Month

Haaaaaappy Monday!!!
I know Mondays are not normally fun, but today is October 1st and it is actually a little chilly in Texas this morning!
October is one of my favorite months because the weather (normally) starts cooling down and this is the month I met Z! (more on that later!)
This past weekend we enjoyed a very relaxing weekend.
Saturday I had a garage sale at my parents house that I literally made NO MONEY at because it was raining all day....needless to say I promised Z I would never have a garage sale again. Goodwill Donating for this girl from now on!
Saturday night consisted of me taking a 3 hour nap, Mama's Pizza (best pizza in Fort Worth), lots of football, and finally watching Thursdays Grey's Anatomy...they make me cry EVERY TIME!!
Sunday we headed to church with Chase and Alyssa and afterward marked another breakfast place off of my Fort Worth Bucket List...yes I pretty much have a bucket list for every aspect of my life.
The Cowtown Diner was very good and they even had a very good Bloody Mary (yes I consumed 1 bloody Mary after church...)
They are known for this massive chicken fried steak that can feed like 10 people....its so big you have to give them at least 24 hours notice to make it for you!
I seriously want to get a bunch of our friends together and do this!
And Sunday night I was so excited to finally watch Revenge again!!!! I love how the plot just thickens with every show!!!
How was your weekend?? Did you notice my button on the sidebar?? It only took me 50 hours to figure it out....
PS - head over to Living In Yellow (if you don't follow already) I am one of the sponsors this month!


  1. I will be in fort worth in december will have to try out that place.
    Im a revenge addict I need full peace and quite to watch it bc Im scared I will miss something. I knew V couldnt be dead.

  2. Hahaha...sorry I'm laughing that you made no money at the garage sale. That is *so* my kinda luck too! :\ Oh well, at least you can feel great donating it all! Or try Craigslist for the stuff that's worth it!


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