Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post by {Diaries of Doers}

Hey gals! I'm Hilary and I hold a small piece of this awesome blogosphere over at Diaries of Do'ers which I started to document me and the hubby's newlywed life and new home adventures. It's turned into a general lifestyle blog involving my love for great deals, decorating successes & failures, furniture flips, and still-newlywed life [ahem, my trial & errors with meal-making]. Please swing by and say hi, I'd love to 'meet' you!
I'm super jealous of Erin's trip to Port A this week - I'll be traveling as well, but unfortunately I won't be seeing the beach. So to share my favorite vacation... it would definitely involve a beach. My fave would have to be our honeymoon week in Cancun Mexico. It doesn't take much for us to have a wonderful vacation - sun, sand and drinks is really all we need. This week was the *best* because we had absolutely NO worries, and NO plans - we didn't have to be anywhere and were on our schedule.

This was how we felt the entire week....

Blue skies and blue water

Lots of yummy food

Lots of photo ops

Lots of champagne

Lots of fish tacos

  Beach walks

Til next time Mexico!


So that was my favorite vacation... what's yours?? 
Come fill me in over at Diaries of Do'ers!
Thanks so much, Erin, for having me - hope you're having an awesome time!!


Thank you so much Hilary for guest blogging!!!

Go follow Hillary at Diaries of Do'ers!! Obviously her and her hubby are so adorable and I love reading about their adventures!



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  1. Hillary is ONE HOT MAMA! Now I need a beach in my life...Like for realz. Sigh*


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