Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm No {Fool}

So as you guys and gals know since I am still recovering from my little surgery I have started walking to get some type of exercise in.

Last week I walked 3 times - I know go me! (fyi me walking outside in the 396 degree Texas weather is a big deal...who I am kidding...me working out is a big deal)

The past 2 Monday's I have walked with some of my co-workers. Yesterday there were only two of us because our office manager who normally walks with us was off.

Anywho, I was seriously dragging from our fun night at my parents house and just me being a lazy slug in general.

As my co-worker and I are getting to our half way point, we have to walk under this sketchy bridge that reeks of fish and nasty water.

Me being the crazy person that I am notice 2 people to our left out, one is completely laid out on a bench and the other is just sitting there starring at the passed out person.

As I see them I just start randomly talking about trains to my co-worker so that we can seem like we are in one SERIOUS conversation and not be to messed with.

As we pass them I tell her I am soo sorry for just pulling trains to talk about out of my butt, BUT those two people gave me a weird feeling and I did not feel like laying anyone out after walking in the heat for so long.

As we get to our half way point and turn around to walk ALL THE WAY back to where we came from, I notice that the person who was sitting starring at the passed out person was gone.

I tell my co-worker...."just put a face on like I will "F" you and "F" your life up" on and I think we will be okay. Also while we are passing I notice the person who is laid out on the bench is not breathing, which in my mind makes me think they want us to come over and check on them and then the other is going to jump out of no where and kid nap us!

At this point my heart is racing so fast so I decide that we need to run....people, I DO NOT RUN FOR ANYTHING!!! Not even if you are chasing me to kill me...I just don't run.

Needless to say the twins got a bounce session they were not ready for and we are still alive....

Moral of the story....
Always have a walking partner in sketchy parts of Fort Worth
Possibly need to invest in mace
and always always remember your best sports bra in case God forbid you have to run!

**disclaimer - the person who was laid out on the bench was not dead....she starting talking to someone after we passed by (probably letting them know we got away too quickly)**

**additional disclaimer - my mother used to scare the crap out of me telling me someone would take me if I didn't stay by her side....needless to say thanks to her and too many lifetime movies I am still scared to death someone is going to kid nap me...yes even at 25**




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