Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Fur-Babies: aka Ace and Louie, thank you so so so much for sleeping later than 3 am this whole week! I knew you guys had it in you!

Dear Husband:  Thank you for finishing the laundry this week, even though when I walked in and notice the dryer going the first words out of my mouth were "what did you put in the dryer?!?!?!" instead of "thank you" with a kiss!

Dear Mommy: Thank you for listening to me cry and cuss and use that awful horrible "f" word mulitple times we both dispise last week.

Dear J.Crew: I love and HATE I LOVE you because your clothes are AMAZING but I absolutely HATE you because you price them so HIGH! (can we fix this?)

Dear "Cool" Bloggers: I just want to be in your "cool" group - Pink Lou Lou, Raven, All in My Twenites and Bargin Blonde!

Dear Shayna: Thank you so much for being my TIU partner!!! I am so excited about starting the 5 day slim down next week together!!!

Dear Readers: Thank you Thank you Thank you! For reading all of my ridiculousness!

and lastly...this one is very serious....

Dear E L James: So help me God if you let them cast Scarlett Johansson as Anatasia Steele I could possibly boycott the whole Shades of Grey all together!!! (who are we kidding I love Mr. Grey too much, but seriously....Scarlett can do better than that)

Happy Friday Lovelies!!!



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  1. Yaay for starting the 5DSD!!! I'm excited & nervous for tomorrow!! :)


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