Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random {Tuesday}

Did any of you watch Desparate Housewives on Sunday??

Holy moly ugly face crying....I seriously felt like I was one of Susan's best friends and I was mourning the loss Mike.

I was trying so hard not to do a full out cry session so Z wouldn't think I was crazy lol

I am not going to be able to handle what else they have planned if its going to be like this!


Insanity Update


I am officially not hating it but I still dislike it! Lol

I have not worked out this hard since I was in high school doing two-a-days.

On the bright side, I have been sleeping better and I have lost 3.5 pounds over 2 weeks.

Not too bad since I drank a lot of sangria on Saturday night!


Right now until 3/22 Stella and Dot is offering $20 off any of their bags!

visit my website here and at checkout use promo code SDHANDBAG12 to receive the discount!

Happy Tuesday!! Only 3 more days left of the work week!!



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  1. Good luck with Insanity. I'm doing Turbo Fire right now. I love it ;)


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