Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend {Update}

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed looking at Tom Brady, I mean watching football!

Friday after work we went to watch the Dallas Mavericks with some our friends! We were literally only 3 rows from the back wall all the way at the top but we still had a good time!

Of course we ate super healthy and as I was chowing down on my very "healthy" hot dog the Mavs dancers came out to show their dancing really how can I enjoy my hot dog when there are skinny girls in pretty much nothing showing off their amazing bods....

Our friend Joe got stuck sitting to the biggest Mavs fan in the place! She stood, yelled and clapped her hands the WHOLE game!! You can tell he was super excited!

Of course since I am a Kardashian follower I was on the lookout for Khloe!! My friend who had much better seats than me found her first!

Seriously I saw her bright orange Birkin before I saw her! Also Mallika was with her! I wish I was a lot closer but these are the best pics I could get...can you find her??! Its kind of like playing Where's Waldo!


Saturday we had a day full of laziness, grocery shopping and movies!
Also, if these two little bundles of energy do not recognize that mommy like to sleep in later than 7 am on Saturday they are going to start running laps on Friday nights to insure they stay a sleep!


Sunday we hosted our very first Super Bowl party, hosted it with Alyssa and Chase! We had so much fun and food!! I love parties so even if its to watch a sporting event I am down!


Just a little trivia for you from Z....

53% of married women said they would cheat on their husband with...

(Eli Manning)


(Tom Brady)

Not really seeing it but I would have chosen Tom Brady fo sho, no thinking about it!

However, how could you chose either of them when H&M shows this...

Insert drooling here....any who how was your weekend???



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