Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day After Valentine's Brain {Dump}

#1. I have the sweetest husband, really I do. I know every girl says that, but mine is extra sweet. I mean he does have to put up with my ridiculousness on a daily basis so he has to be.

#2. Not only is my husband the sweetest, he goes to places like Ulta and the MAC counter to get me things I have "suggested" I needed

#3. I used to be against celebrating Valentines Day, but to tell you the truth I loved celebrating it last night!

#4. I got the Urban Decay Naked eye Pallet and can not wait to play with it!!!

#5. We saw This Means War last night, super cute and funny! Chelsea Handler is hilarious!

#6. I have not had any desire to read Hunger Games but after seeing the previews for the movie I am borrowing a co-workers book!!!

#7. And last but not least....I had the worst stomach ache last night that rolled into this morning from all of the sweets I ate yesterday...then after watching RHOOC when we got home from the movie, I felt super fat and against eating sweets ever again!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day or just a wonderful Tuesday however you spent it!




  1. Lesli and I were just discussing how trying to be hot and fit takes so much time and money! I wish I didn't go through spells of slacking :/

  2. so glad to have found your blog today! i am your newest follower :) keep up the good work girl!


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